There are a number of ways you can support and donate to the work of AfriCat.

Account name: AfriCat UK
Account number: 00767476
Bank: Barclays Bank PLC,
Address: 27 Soho Square, London W1D 3QR, UK.
Sort code: 20-52-69


Now accepting PayPal
Donations help towards Large Carnivore Rehabilitation, Environmental Education, Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation, Community Support, Research and the Carnivore Care Centre.


Truly great projects need great sponsorship!
Realising the importance of AfriCat's projects, sponsorship is what keeps this Foundation alive, and support on an 'ongoing basis' – is what is considered by many to be the most effective way of helping a foundation achieve good work.



To make a donation to AfriCat UK please click on the donate button to be taken to our online PayPal donation form.



virgin money giving

Virgin Money Giving is a 100% not-for-profit charity fundraising website.

It's the official fundraising site of the Virgin London Marathon – the biggest annual fundraising event on the planet.

It's designed purely to help people raise more money online, without taking a penny in profit. This means more money goes where it's needed – directly to charity. It has low charges and free support and advice. All backed up by Virgin technological know-how and customer service.

To make a donation via Virgin Money Giving you can use the following links:

Virgin money giving AfriCat home page which allows you to make a general donations and provides links to particular fundraising projects or campaigns we have running such as the Adopt a Brick. which is looking for funds to help AfriCat build a school for a rural community near Etosha.

Virgin Money Giving page for AfriCat's work with lions. This is a fundraising stream for the AfriCat North’s work  with the local communities and includes the AfriCat Lion Guards, the lion research project and the human wildlife mitigation work.



 Tusk Trust fund a number of projects in Africa. TUSK has supported AfriCat for many years and provided key funding for veterinary costs and capital projects. Both the purchase of a plane for transport and tracking of animals and the materials and construction of the fence for the 4,500ha Cheetah Rehabilitation enclosure was co-funded by TUSK. Currently Tusk is providing funding for the Environmental Education Officer. This project critical to the work of the Foundation is about working with the youth as the ‘future farmers and decision makers’ of Namibia. Tusk Trust offer us expertise in a broad range of fundraising activities and participation in the many events they run during the year.

Tusk Trust have an additional role in supporting AfriCat with the processing/admin of donations made to AfriCat though their administrative offices in Wiltshire. Donation forms are handled by Tusk and we can use them for example with the AfriCat logo, when setting up specific Virgin Money Giving pages for projects.

Money specified for AfriCat goes direct to the AfriCat account. Cheques should be made payable to AfriCat and sent to Tusk Trust, 4 Cheapside House, High Street, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 4AA. If you wish the funds to go to a specific project let us know and they can be allocated accordingly.


5. Just Text Giving
it is now possible to donate via this method just Text ACAT07 to 70070 JustTextGiving by Vodafone.


6. Leaving a legacy or Bequest
Thinking about your will? Building in a charity donation may have some tax advantages, discuss with family legal experts. A bequest can be as a tribute for a life well-lived, or simply celebrate a special occasion. Your gift will be meaningful and long-lasting—helping future generations of Namibian children and their natural heritage.


7. Sponsor a cat
Check out the AfriCat Foundation website: adopt a carnivore for details and information - you will get a picture and a certificate - makes a good present, or adopt a spot!


8. By offering help/support with activities and events
The UK team is always keen to hear from those wishing to become more involved. It may be you want to plan an event, raise money through sponsorship, run a marathon, organizing a coffee morning, or use an occasion to raise funds. Talk to the UK office so we can support you.


9. By regularly looking at the social media and website
You will see news and events that have been planned and by coming along and sharing the details with your friends/family you will be helping AfriCat. Sign up for the Cats Whisper, the emailed AfriCat Newsletter through the website


10. Book the AfriCat team to come with you to an event
While we cannot promise to be able to come to everything, if you are aware of something that you think it would be good to attend, let us know and we can talk through the options.


11. Check the current list of funding requests
On the AfriCat Foundation website you will find a list of current projects and specific funding needs.


Finally consider booking a trip to Namibia and stay on Okonjima to see aspects of the work of the Foundation for yourself, by doing so you will be supporting AfriCat