Behind the scenes 2022/23

AfriCat & Okonjima offer a unique ‘Behind -the-Scenes’ experience with the A Team – that most visitors will not be able to witness anywhere else in the country. The demand to be part of an experience that focusses on exciting new conservation research is high, and therefore we have now opened 12 pre-booked slots per year, only (excluding Dec and January) that include time with the veterinarian and a darting experience that is part of the park’s annual research program and which includes either a carnivore or antelope. To qualify for a behind-the-scene experience, guests have to book a minimum 3-night stay minimum 4 pax – at either the Okonjima Villa (FI Rate), Okonjima Bush Suite (FI Rate), Okonjima Bush Camp (FI Rate). This experience will give you a deeper insight into our research projects, such as the Brown Hyaena, Pangolin, the Leopard and other endangered species.

You will spend time with the resident vet and a special conservationist and guide in their specific field to get the best chance of understanding our projects and conservation in general across Namibia.

AfriCat is dedicating its resources to extensive and long-dates research studies on habitat fragmentation, park and land management and with an emphasis not only on critically endangered species.

AfriCat strives to share these findings in order to distribute the results to the world of academia, as well as to pass on key learnings to the next generation and to our guests.

Your Experience:
The ‘behind-the-scene experience’ rates and for more information – contact: or
Spending time with the team will be spread over the 3 days for the convenience of the guests and to slot into the Okonjima Program. (daily timeslots will be determined by weather, Okonjima’s guest-traffic in the park and the behaviour of the different species at different times of the year) (mostly alternating in the morning and afternoon and or late into the night).

Your first 2 days and a minimum of 3 trails, is spent with the Okonjima guides and an AfriCat specialist guide, explaining our History and finding Leopard, Brown Hyaena and other great sightings. You then will meet the AfriCat research team, who will then focus on new research data and how it is collected and where we are going with all the research AfriCat is undertaking within the ONR since 2000.

vet and behind the scenes visitors at Okonjima
a behind the scenes visitor releasing a cheetah at AfriCat