As could be expected people attending the performance of An Audience with Chris Packham came away inspired and entertained. The evenings included discussion on Chris’s book ‘Fingers in the Sparkle Jar’ with the second half being a  question and answer session from the floor. Over the three nights topics  ranged from Chris’s favourite animal (his dog Scratchy); to where to go bird watching (your local patch) to how to prevent illegal persecution of birds in the UK, Malta and Cyprus and other conservation concerns for example the impact of leaving the EU.  Chris' message was clear if you care about the environment then using legal methods and the power of social media make a difference by letting politicians and decisions makers and others aware of your views.  

AfriCat Uk was delighted to be able to meet so many people during the evenings. It was lovely to hear account of visits from those who had been to Okonjima the home of the Africat Foundation. As well as selling our goods to raise funds and explaining AfriCat’s work we promoted the Walk 4 Wildlife encouraging people to take part particularly with the schools walk on the 19th May 2017