AfriCat UK was delighted to be a co-sponsor of the Bradt Big Cat Festival 2019.

 Big Brandt Cat discussion panel with Chris Packham

The event saw AfriCat’s Patron Chris Packham as keynote speaker talking about the issues facing the conservation of Big Cats and the planet as a whole. Speaking eloquently and with passion Chris talked about the value and importance of conservation groups working together.

The world is in a period of mass extinction which is a direct result of our actions and despite the dire need for action and joined up thinking Chris remained optimistic for the long term future of the planet. The reason being that the human race is good at problem solving but not so good at prevention. He suspected there would need to be several major critical events that would galvanize the world into action. The fact that the threats from plastics are now better understood worldwide and ‘action’ being taken provides one example of how the balance is tipping.  Chris with Paul Goldstein from Exodus entertained the audience with critiques of each other’s photo’s.

 Young AfriCat supporterAfriCat UK stand at the big cat festival 2019

The final event was a panel discussion exploring the future of Big Cats with Chris, Carey from AfriCat, HRH Princess Michel of Kent and Jane Galton from CCF and was well received by the audience. From discussions on the stand it was heartening to speak to so many people of all ages keen to do their bit for conservation. One enterprising young lad sporting his handmade cheetah mask, passionate about cheetahs has been raising funds to secure their future!

 AfriCat UK's Carey with Chris Packham AfriCat UK stand at Brandt big cat festival

A large number of friends, past visitors to Okonjima, new people interested in finding out more, those offering ideas or just sharing their passion for Big Cats stopped at the AfriCat Stand to talk and chat. Visitors included Amy Dickman who works with lions in Tanzania and Margo, who is known for her series of books on Remembering Rhinos, Elephants, Big Apes and this year Lions, HRH Pricness Michel of Kent, Paul Goldstein from Exodus, Chris Packham and John Rendall/Derek Cattaini (The lion called Christian) whose updated book was on sale.  

 AfriCat UK stand AfriCat UK stand

AfriCat UK is very grateful to all those who came and helped, stopped for a chat, donated funds to the Lion Guards and bought items from the stand.