There are a number of ways you can support and donate to the work of AfriCat.

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Donations help towards Large Carnivore Rehabilitation, Environmental Education, Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation, Community Support, Research and the Carnivore Care Centre.


Truly great projects need great sponsorship!
Realising the importance of AfriCat's projects, sponsorship is what keeps this Foundation alive, and support on an 'ongoing basis' – is what is considered by many to be the most effective way of helping a foundation achieve good work.



To make a donation to AfriCat UK please click on the donate button to be taken to our online PayPal donation form.



 virgin money giving please donate to AfriCatVirgin Money Giving is a 100% not-for-profit charity fundraising website.

It's the official fundraising site of the Virgin London Marathon – the biggest annual fundraising event on the planet.

It's designed purely to help people raise more money online, without taking a penny in profit. This means more money goes where it's needed – directly to charity. It has low charges and free support and advice. All backed up by Virgin technological know-how and customer service.

To make a donation via Virgin Money Giving you can use the following links:

Virgin money giving AfriCat home page Donations given via this link will go to both the AfriCat Foundation and to the Namibian Lion Trust, formally AfriCat North. With no tourists in Namibia and no government help for businesses both charities need all the help they can get to stay afloat. There is a core team at Okonjima keeping things going, like feeding the ambassador cats, maintaining security and in running the research programme. In addition to making a general donation you can specify where your money goes by using the links to the different projects. By donating through virgin money giving we can give a boost to your generous donation through gift-aid which virgin money collect on AfriCat’s behalf. This is a very valuable addition! The AfriCat UK team are all volunteers.

The AfriCat Foundation Appeals at Okonjima Nature Reserve via Virgin Money Giving

 The AfriCat Foundation
Donations to the AfriCat Foundation will be used for any of their projects, the research work the Carnivore Centre or Environmental Education.


 AfriCat Brown Hyena Research Project
This project is revealing previously unknown facts about the elusive brown hyena. With camera traps at dens and the ability to see in poor light with night cameras, so much more is now being observed about these misunderstood highly social and incredible valuable members of the ecosystem. Think of them like our refuse collectors combined with the disposal of that refuse and you will appreciate their value!
Can we help the team replace damaged equipment?
Your donations will be greatly appreciated especially in the present situation. Thank you. 
To donate click here


 aardvark in the Okonjima Nature Reserve NamibiaAfriCat Aardvark Research Project
A new study is getting underway at Okonjima the home of the AfriCat Foundation in Namibia to look at the how the aardvark is adapting to cope with changing weather patterns. It is hoped that such studies will help with ideas for how to support the aardvarks in the wild. Donations will enable the team to buy the following equipment a Camera trap – complete set up including SD and protective housing costing around £180 a temperature loggers for recording burrow temperature which is an important factor  for aardvark activity £20 and an VHF ear tag £180. 
Your donations will be much appreciated by the team in Namibia – thank you.


 endangered pangolin in the Okonjima Nature ReservePangolin Plight
Pangolins are currently in big trouble. They are being caught in their thousands and sold mainly for their scales which are thought to have medicinal properties in traditional eastern medicine and as a delicacy.
The AfriCat Pangolin Research Project is the first of its kind within Namibia to focus on the ecology of the ground pangolin.

Funds raised will be used to buy camera traps, tracking devices and with the current worldwide pandemic help to keep the project ticking over. Your donations will be much appreciated by the team in Namibia – thank you.


 AfriCat Leopard Research Project.
Leopards are what the AfriCat Foundation and Okonjima are famous for! The chance to see these stunning cats in the wild, just going about their natural lives is pure magic. The research work undertaken has given the team information to support farmers find ways to farm successfully and found information new to science in these magnificent curious crafty cats. Your donations in these tricky times will help keep the project going.


 AfriCat Environmental Education Programme (EE) 
The EE programme offers Namibian pupils and overseas students a chance to come and spend time at AfriCat’s Environmental Education Centre learning about conservation. The EE centre has a lovely new outdoor classroom which was donated by friends and family of Jenny Horan. Her family wanted to build a lasting legacy that reflected her desire to ‘make a difference’ and care for our fragile natural world. Donations help with running costs and enable the course to be offered to local schools without the funds to meet the costs.
For information on how to book a group contact and check out information on AfriCat’s website 

The Namibian Lion Trust Appeals via Virgin Money Giving

 The Namibian Lion Trust
Donations made to The Namibian Lion Trust will be used for any of their projects: the school, the boma building, supporting the farmers, Human Wildlife Conflict Mitigation and the lions: collaring, early warning system, research and their monitoring.


 Onguta School
AfriCat UK is very grateful to all those who have given generously to help us build the Onguta school to support the community and ‘give back’ something for their efforts in adapting to live alongside lions. The team in Namibia are especially grateful to the very generous single donation from the Netherlands of 25 000 EURO. After some technical hitches with the original design the wonderfully named construction firm called Cowboys came to the rescue. However with the planned phase 2 of the development completed with phase 1 additional funds are still needed.
Please help support this project by donating through Virgin Money Giving Onguta School Appeal
More information on the project

 Namibian Lion Trust Lion Guards
These keepers of the wilderness are the backbone of The Namibian Lion Trust's work to support the communities and keep the lions safe. They play a critical role in securing the lions long term future living alongside the local community farmers. Without their hard work dedication and effort many more lions would be trapped, poisoned or killed.

Donations to the Lion Guards go towards their salaries and associated costs. The Lion Guards are treated as ‘essential workers’ in UK terminology during this covid 19 pandemic and so can continue their work during Namibia’s lock down. They are, we understand, currently working for food supplies to help keep the project going. Thank you for your help.  
More information on essential lion guard salaries

 Protect a Pride
The project is the package of support offered by The Namibian Lion Trust to help mitigate and reduce the impact of Human Wildlife Conflict. Working with local communities The Namibian Lion Trust can support the farmers with an early warning system as to when the lions are close to their farms. This is provided through a lion monitoring and research programme where key lions have gps collars. This gives scope to keep track of them so if they move out of the ‘safe’ areas the lion guards can alert the relevant farmer. The farmer can secure their livestock in kraals which may have been built or improved by The Namibian Lion Trust. The Lion Guards have a range of non-lethal options to ‘chase’ the lions back to the safe areas.
Donations made here are used to support all aspects of the HWC mitigation programme.

For more information on funding needs check out the wish list on the Namibian Lion Trust website


4. Leaving a legacy or Bequest 
Thinking about your will? Building in a charity donation may have some tax advantages. It’s useful to discuss with family and check out options with legal experts. A bequest can be as a tribute for a life well-lived; AfriCat UK can be a chosen charity via Memory Giving or simply celebrate a special occasion. Your gift will be meaningful and long-lasting. Note advice given to AfriCat UK has been that while it is quite possible to be very specific on a project to support this can create issues if the name has changed or that project is no longer running. Consider more generic terms like ‘research’ ‘education’ ‘community support’ or a specific animal.


5. Sponsor a carnivore
With the AfriCat Foundation you can Sponsor a carnivore which also makes a good present - you will get a picture and a certificate. 


6. Donate as you buy on-line
1. AfriCat UK is signed up as a ‘member’ of two organizations which enable you to donate funds to the AfriCat UK bank account when you shop on line and at no additional cost to you! These funds are then split 50/50 between the Namibian Lion Trust and The AfriCat Foundation.

 amazon smile logoCheck out Smile Amazon UK so that any time you buy from Amazon AfriCat gets a little bonus donation. 

 easy fund raising banner
Register with Easyfundraising who have literally hundreds of different well known websites linked to them so again by going through the easyfundraising platform when shopping online (food, entertainment, travel, household and much more) a donation goes to AfriCat.
You do not pay more and gain a little feel good factor.

2. The AfriCat Uk online shop - Need a new T-shirt or would like to buy a present? check out the AfriCat Uk online shop where a percentage of your purchase goes to support the lion projects. Want a particular design? Let AfriCat UK know and we will see if we can help!


7. By offering help/support with activities and events
The UK team is always keen to hear from those wishing to become more involved. It may be you want to plan an event, raise money through sponsorship, run a marathon, organizing a coffee morning, or use an occasion to raise funds. Talk to the UK office so we can support you.


8. By regularly looking at the social media and website
You will see news and events that have been planned and by coming along and sharing the details with your friends/family you will be helping The AfriCat Foundation and The Namibian Lion Trust. Sign up for the UK Newsletter by contacting


9. Book the AfriCat UK team to come with you to an event
While we cannot promise to be able to come to everything, if you are aware of something that you think it would be good to attend, let us know and we can talk through the options.


Finally just go and see for yourself. Book a trip to Namibia and stay at Okonjima the home of the AfriCat Foundation and see aspects of the work for yourself, by doing so you will be supporting the work of the AfriCat Foundation. While you are there why not visit Hobatere Lodge near the Galton Gate into Etosha and see the area where the Namibian Lion Trust operate. You may be lucky and see some of the lions within the project and gain an understanding of the issues faced by the local farmers living in the area.