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Walk for Wildlife New Forest 28th October 2017 

3 AfriCat walkers made the 20 miles of the Walk 4 Wildlife 2017 Night Walk in the New Forest on 28th October.

 AfriCat UK walkers ready for the New Forest walk for wildlife walk

Janet said "having been brought up in the New Forest I thought it would be fun to go back and explore it at night which it was! Getting lost in the wood was not part of the plan and seeing boggy patches before your foot sinks down into the mud becomes a challenge but it was fun. The 20 miles did present a considerable personal challenge and while it did help me to get fitter, I found I walked much slower than the rest of the group. Taking into account a variety of factors, such as the leader needing to be back in time for a rest before the next group and it not being very sensible to walk alone at 4am Carey took over so the group could stay together and the walk finish at the planned time of 6am. Many thanks for all of you whose kindly donations have helped to raise much needed funds for AfriCat’s work with lions in Namibia.

Muddy and tired these are the walkers at the end of 20 miles walking from 10pm Saturday to 6am Sunday morning.

 walk for wildlife New Forest Walk uk

Congratulations to Andrea Georgina and Janet/Carey for their hard work and effort in completing the Night walk in the New Forest and in raising funds for AfriCat. The weather was kind warm and not raining but the moon was behind clouds. Walking at night proved to be quite interesting with different hazards to those anticipated, getting lost early on meant a rethink on the planned route with the later stages completed on country lanes all quiet in the middle of the night, just shared with a few deer and ponies.  

You can you support their efforts at Virgin Money Giving by clicking Andrea/Georgina or Janet


Congratulations to Carey from AfriCat UK for successfully completing the 30km walk along the South Downs in somewhat blustery conditions. Carey said he was pleased to be able to walk for AfriCat and help support the Lion Projects near Etosha. Walking with a team for Save the Rhino he said it was a challenge but it was fun and over the miles was able to discuss many conservation issues with his fellow walkers. Here they are at the start, after lunch on the march and ready for anything!

 Janet and Carey walking for AfriCat UK
Funds raised by Janet and Carey are going to help the AfriCat North Projects including the AfriCat Lion Guards, you can sponsor them here.