National Hyena Day 27th April 2020
With no visitors at Okonjima due to the Worldwide pandemic the Research Team need our help. The Brown Hyena Research Project at the AfriCat Foundation in Namibia. There are four members of the Hyena or Hyaena family; the spotted hyena which are most familiar to visitors to Africa, frequently seen trying to scavenge around kills; the brown hyena which tends to be more active at night or at twilight who are more the secretly social scavenger; striped hyena which is not found in Namibia but in East Africa and the aardwolf, which looks like a shaggy dog. Okonjima has all three types of hyena found in Namibia. 


 National Aardvark Day 19th March 2020
This year AfriCat UK is joining forces with UK IT consulting company 2 Aardvarks to support National Aardvark Day as a new study is getting underway at Okonjima the home of the AfriCat Foundation in Namibia. The study is to look at how the aardvark is adapting to cope with changing weather patterns. For those that are unsure, the aardvark is a very interesting nocturnal animal living in sub-Saharan Africa. Not often seen, even by those living and working in the African bush. They live in burrows and eat ants and termites. An aardvark has a large tail, a bit like a kangaroo; a nose a bit like a pig, with kind of rabbit ears and is bigger than a badger! The aardvark is an ecosystem engineer making it a keystone species. 


 World Wildlife Day 3rd March 2020
AfriCat UK is keen to support World Wildlife Day as it is vitally important to ‘join the dots’ and work together to sustain ‘all life on Earth’ this year’s theme for World Wildlife Day. 2020 is known as a “biodiversity super year” and is regarded as a make or break year for the environment.
Several international meetings and global events are planned throughout the year to put biodiversity at the top of the global sustainable development agenda and set the tone for environmental action in the coming decade. As individuals concerned with conservation and the environment, we all have a voice and can influence decisions and decision making to make the world a better place for the wildlife we love.


 a pangolin scurries through the Okonjima Nature Reserve in NamibiaWorld Pangolin Day 15th February 2020
The AfriCat Pangolin Research Project
 is the first of its kind within Namibia to focus on the ecology of the ground pangolin. The team would like to buy more equipment - camera traps and tracking devices - to help them find out more about these wonderful animals and how to help and protect them. The Okonjima Nature reserve is an approved site for the release of rescued and confiscated pangolin, but what is a pangolin?