Jenny’s legacy: Why we chose to support AfriCat and why we are so glad we did.

 Jenny Horan her legacyIn her short life, our daughter, Jenny, had to face up to many health issues but she was determined not to be defined by these. Even learning that she had a potentially life-threatening heart condition did not stop her from pursuing her dreams. She overcame her own anxieties by finding purpose in helping others and working in conservation. Jenny spent her last year working hard to fund travel to Africa and it was whilst volunteering at Gondwana Game Reserve that Jenny passed away in June 2017.

Since her passing we continue to learn from Jenny reflecting on how she lived her life. She overcame fear and doubt with purpose, action and love. Jenny had the art of listening and never gave in to challenges, always trying to learn and understand as much as she could. As a family we wanted to give support to AfriCat, a cause that will help honour those values and help build a legacy that we know Jenny would be proud of. It has been of the utmost importance to us that we choose the right charity, the right project, and the right people to help bring Jenny’s legacy to life. We wanted to find a project that would make a tangible difference and be carried out by people our family truly believed in. Supporting AfriCat became the most obvious choice and after visiting the charity at its home in Namibia we feel even more strongly that it was the perfect one.

 The Horan Family supporters of AfriCat helping to further conservation through education

Jenny cared deeply that those she loved made the very best of themselves. Jenny understood that to achieve this required education. She spent time volunteering as a school tutor and was always a keen friend to those of her mates who were struggling with exam stress or the motivation to revise! Jenny’s small efforts made a big difference to the people she touched and have formed part of the legacy that will outlive her. We recognised this spirit and commitment to education in AfriCat.

With the growing deterioration in the ecological outlook for our planet, the region of Southern Africa will be one of the worst affected areas. This will both accelerate and exacerbate the consequences of continued poor environmental and land management for countries and populations that are amongst the least equipped to manage climatic change. AfriCat’s work helping to educate and empower communities is therefore becoming both increasingly urgent and important, affirming the value of our contribution.

Having returned from visiting AfriCat’s projects in Namibia, the most inspirational aspect of the charity were the people we met. AfriCat has managed to attract and put together a very special team of workers which was essential for us as sponsors. For us to entrust Jenny’s legacy, we needed to find people who we could believe in. We needed to believe both in what they are trying to do and how they are trying to do it. The courage Tammy, Donna and Johann and their teams are showing in the face of the scale of the problems they are facing has inspired and humbled us and now, having returned, we appeal to anyone reading this to help the AfriCat charity which is having to work against ever increasing difficulties.

 conservation through education in Namibia

No one can change the world but we can all do a little to make a difference. AfriCat embodies all the values we believe in. Witnessing what has already been achieved we are confident donations are well spent.