Raising funds for a GPS radio collar for AfriCat was chosen by the staff at Blair Drummond Safari Park as one of their different conservation projects this year.  The Wild programmes support conservation efforts across the world and are chosen by the keepers. The animals within the Safari Park act as ambassadors for their wild counterparts providing a valuable educational resource for park visitors. Running themed days and weekends to highlight and support each project the Education team invited AfriCat to the Big Cat Weekend at the end of July. AfriCat was delighted to accept.

  Lions at  Blair Drummond Safari Park

A wonderful real Scottish welcome awaited AfriCat which included the more traditional nice wet weekend! Our stands (AfriCat and the Education Team) moved out of the rain under the shelter offered by the Macaque House. The AfriCat stand had a steady stream of visitors and staff. It was wonderful to meet so many enthusiastic, generous knowledgeable and concerned people. The keepers and education team were found generally to be leaving with their arms full of T-shirts bags mugs and other goodies from the stand, which all helped the fund raising effort. Our particular thanks go to Stuart, Katie and Sheila without whom AfriCat would not be building what we all hope to be a long term relationship. AfriCat looks forward to coming back next year.

 AfriCat UK stand at Blair Drummond Safari Park  AfriCat UK stand at Blair Drummond Safari Park

Blair Drummond has a really great pride of really wonderful looking lions. Working with other zoos the big cats may be ‘traded’ between zoos to help ensure the cats that breed are not related. Blair Drummond’s male arrived as a part of this process his cubs are now growing into really great cats and in time may move on to new places in order to maintain the pride - natural process in the wild.

 Lions at  Blair Drummond Safari Park AfriCat's Cary at Blair Drummond Safari Park

For aspiring Zoo keepers and those interested in conservation more generally the Education team run a variety of experience days and week long courses. Check out their website for more details. The really good news is that it looks as if the funds needed for a collar will be generated – Tammy from the Foundation when she heard was delighted, but needs a few more ...

  Lions at  Blair Drummond Safari Park

  Lions at  Blair Drummond Safari Park