worldlion day 2018

 male lion in grass for world lion day 2018

World Lion Day is on the 10th August and AfriCat says 'Let Lions Live'. Lion numbers are crashing throughout Africa for many reasons; habitat loss, hunting, killing in reprisal for stock losses, poisoning, disease etc. One of the newer reasons is the lion bone trade organised in South Africa from where the bones are exported to meet the insatiable demand in China for their traditional medicine. World Lion Day 2018 is a chance to publicise this decline and attempt to reverse it.

To mark the day AfriCat has produced a new T-shirt design 'Let Lions Live' - available in children's, women's and men's sizes - that will feature in the campaign. You can buy these at the AfriCat shop.

You can help in several ways such as publicise the day on social media, organise your own event to publicise the plight of lions, work with those trying to reduce the demand for lion bones or send a donation to help save the lions such as to AfriCat's Lion Guards campaign.

We were delighted to hear from Jade that The Lions Monocle Cocktail Bar 56 Victoria Street, Paignton, Devon is running a Big Cats week 8-15 August as part of their tribute to World Lion Day. They are fund raising for AfriCat during that week by running raffles and other events. A spokesperson from the Bar said: "During the week we also plan to take photos of us and all our toy lions that we have - as we have many that customers bring in and donate to us". Why not call into the Bar and support their efforts during the week.