AfriCat UK is delighted to announce the launch of the new Namibian Lion Trust - for Lions for Life for our Future which is the old AfriCat North in a new guise. The Namibian Lion Trust will continue (and hopes to expand) its work in the Kunene region of Namibia helping the lions and the local communities to prosper. With the current numbers of lions plummeting across Africa, there are fewer lions living wild than the combined total of black and white Rhino, at just over 22,000 the work is vital if lions are to continue to roam free.

The project continues its various threads of lion research, the early warning alert system for farmers, the vitally important Lion Guards, the kraal building, education and the livestock management programme all helping to support the local communities to grow and prosper.

AfriCat UK will be offering support to the Namibian Lion Trust as well as the AfriCat Foundation within the terms of AfriCat UK’s charitable status.


 AfriCat North and The Namibian Lion Trust Logos

Bridging letter - Namibian Lion Trust - Tammy Hoth (PDF)

AfriCat North, must now grow further and become self-sustaining, generating funds from its own activities to support lion conservation and the communities living within the Kunene’s lion range.

In order to do this, AfriCat North must now boldly set out with renewed energy and commitment as The Namibian Lion Trust, with our slogan FOR LIONS, FOR LIFE and FOR OUR FUTURE, dedicated to Panthera leo.

The Namibian Lion Trust will embark on its chosen path with imagination, creativity and determination for it is without question, essential that AfriCat North’s work must continue.

There will always be a challenge but this stand-alone position will have a number of long-term benefits, not least to free up the organisation from its close association with the highly successful, revenue-generating tourist business that is Okonjima, ‘Home of the AfriCat Foundation’.

The Namibia Lion Trust needs your help now, more than ever. Many of you have been there for the African lion in the past, but the future is here, today. None of us wish to have the “King of the Jungle” condemned to history. The time to strike is now… Help us ‘Protect our Pride

You can support the Namibian Lion Trust  with donations direct or via the appeals with virgin money giving – this enables AfriCat UK to capture any eligible gift aid and means your donation goes further. You can help meet the costs of the  Lion Guards to keep them ‘on the road’, doing their invaluable work of keeping the lions safe, running outreach education sessions and helping the farmers in their areas. There is also an option through Protect a Pride to support other aspects of the project like building kraals, collaring lions, monitoring their movements and maintaining the early warning system for the farmers.

 setting up bomas in northern namibia

 Onguta children happy to see their new school built


More information on our specific projects:

1. Help sponsor a community school.

2. Help sponsor essential salaries.

3. Help sponsor wildlife and community support-field vehicles and a mobile veterinary clinic.

4. Help sponsor our conservation education programme.

5. Help sponsor tracking / monitoring equipment.

6. Help sponsor a livestock boma.

Donations can be made here on our donations page.

 children excited to be in their new school in Namibia