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The AfriCat CCCP is dedicated to empowering communal farming communities in carnivore-conflict zones to better manage and protect their livestock, ultimately mitigating conflict and reducing large carnivore persecution.

Through Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation and Environmental Education programmes, AfriCat has contributed to uplifting communal farming communities since 1997.
Needs are identified and thanks to dedicated donors and sponsors, 20 plus nocturnal kraals have been built to date, a larger number upgraded as well as improvements to rural schools in the !Khoa di //Hoas and Ehirovipuka Conservancies.

 Onguta tented school in northern namibia school children in northern namibia

One such school in the Ehirovipuka Conservancy, the Onguta Primary School, which offers a pre-school class (ages 5-6 yrs.), and grades 1-3 to approximately 50 – 60 students, comprises three tents as classrooms, sand floors and a metal trunk for storage; extreme heat and dust makes for a less than ideal learning environment.

Thanks to the generosity of AfriCat Supporters over $1 million Namibia dollars has been raised so far to build the classrooms of the new Onguta Primary School.

The traditional leader, Headman Fanuel Ndjiwa, is a conservationist, and an exemplary leader. His aim is to offer schooling to 150 children. He is committed to the AfriCat Livestock Protection Programme (LPP) and is instrumental in minimizing the persecution of large carnivores in his area of jurisdiction. AfriCat’s wants to support this pro-active community by helping the development of the school. 



The Onguta project was started end of 2017 but due to unforeseen circumstances the project had to be delayed. Furthermore thought was put into the logistics of the project and it was decided to move away from the traditional 'Brick & Mortar' style school to a more lock up and go set up that suits the surrounding conservancy better.

The entire school will be built with shipping containers that are no longer sea worthy but are still extremely durable. We are very pleased about this, as this emphasizes some of our environmental education lessons as well as our Mama AfriCat programme.

AfriCat has teamed up with the company called Cowboy's Trading & Rental Solutions, who are based in Swakopmund, Namibia.

 cowboys contractors namibia on the way to start building a new Onguta school shipping containers to be used as classroomsclassrooms in progress at Onguta school Namibiatransforming Onguta tented school covered areas for namibian bush school children new facilities at Onguta school namibia made possible by AfriCat sponsors

The school itself has a kitchen (which includes two large sinks with hot and cold water and a fridge), two classrooms, boys and girls bathrooms (with flush toilets, sinks, and showers), a library, playground, a computer room/ battery room (which will house the inverters from the solar energy), a staff room, and the principal’s office (the roof is where the solar panels will sit). The entire school will be closed in with walls to ensure that no vehicles can get in, and provide additional safety for the children while they play and learn.

 new school buildings under construction in the Namibian bush

AfriCat and Onguta cannot thank Cowboy’s enough for the amount of work that they have done. Cowboy’s  have used containers before to build an anti-rhino poaching unit in Etosha, and have used them to build other schools and hospitals.

Through supplies, shipping, labour (including hiring 5 local community members), they have donated approximately N$100 000 on top of what AfriCat provided. It is businesses like Cowboy’s that allows AfriCat to do this type of work with our communities, and build relationships to protect our iconic species, and conserve Namibia’s unique landscape.

AfriCat UK is very grateful to all those who have given generously and ensured that we were able to start on building the school and we remain especially grateful to the very generous single donation from the Netherlands of 25 000 EURO all of which helped us ensure that we met the initial target of N$ 1 Million towards what was phase 1 of the Project.

With need to revise the plans and the inclusion of phase 2 into the new development the AfriCat Foundation needs an additional N$ 1 Million to complete the project. The wonderfully named construction firm Cowboys have given AfriCat time to raise the funds. Please help support this project by donating through Virgin Money Giving.

 children awaiting the building of their new school building an african bus school

Full funding project details (pdf)

Support and make a donation towards the building of Onguta Primary School via one of our options on our donations page.
Make a donation through Virgin Money Giving.