AfriCat UK Membership

We have decided to introduce a monthly subscription to allow us to communicate with our AfriCat supporters. Our high quality magazine is the first step in this journey, something that has not happened before.

The magazine will be sent out 4 times a year and we hope to build on this.

Getting a regular monthly donation on a subscription basis will allow us to actually know what money we are working with and will allow us to put a budget together, knowing what is coming in each month / year !

To sign up visit the AfriCat UK Membership page.



AfriCat UK 2021 Calendar
AfriCat UK is releasing a stunning 2021 calendar - Profits go to supporting two amazing charities in Namibia. The Namibian Lion Trust, and AfriCat.
Two key charities in the fight to keep predators and Namibia's wildlife secure for future generations.


Symbiotic Relationship between Okonjima & AfriCat - Wayne Hanssen Part 1

Conservation and tourism are probably the most compatible activities in a country like Namibia. Many tourists only take photographs, but contribute financially to the welfare of the country. In communal farming areas, now largely grouped into so-called ‘conservancies’, consumptive (hunting for meat and trophies) and non-consumptive (photographic and game capture) utilization of wildlife is effectively contributing to poverty reduction, at the same time, ensuring a balanced, sustainable ecosystem. Importantly, however, the impact of over-utilization of this natural resource and mass tourism on these extremely sensitive eco-systems, should be effectively monitored, in order to prevent destruction of that which supports communities and attracts our valuable tourist trade.

The symbiotic relationship which exists between the AFRICAT FOUNDATION and OKONJIMA LODGE & Nature Reserve, is imperative to the continued survival of both – without education and wildlife research, the essential conservation of endangered species and large carnivores would falter … and without the substantial financial support offered by our foreign visitors, who stay in the OKONJIMA lodges, neither would survive!

However, for now our borders are still closed, due to the covid-19 pandemic- and we have no idea when they will open up again. . . .

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