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AfriCat UK 2022 Calendar

front cover and layout of the new 2022 AfriCat UK Calendar

AfriCat UK’s beautiful 2022 glossy calendar is now available for order.

Enjoy 13 amazing images including Lions, Hyenas, Rhinos, Leopards, Cheetahs, Hippos, Zebra and more.

Each month you’ll be able to view one of the amazing images knowing that you’ve supported both AfriCat and the Namibian Lion Trust.

£10 + postage.

Help Save Okonjima's Rhinos


Why We Need Your Help


Since 2015, Okonjima has been privileged to act as the Guardians of these animals on behalf of their legal owner, keeping them safe. In fact, such arrangements with nature reserves are quite common here in Africa and typically benefit everyone involved. However, life is unpredictable, and these Rhino are now faced with a new threat: COVID-19 has wreaked economic havoc for most, and these young Rhino living in the Okonjima Nature Reserve, are now in danger of being sold for the hunt.

As we all know, COVID has been hard on everyone, and the current owner of these Rhino is forced to sell them in order to deal with some financial hardships.
Unfortunately, at the moment, the highest bidders for these custodian Rhinos are trophy hunters. Both the Okonjima family and the current owner wish to avoid their sale as trophy animals, and this is where you come in.

Pre-COVID, Okonjima had plans in place to buy these animals, but the tragic slowdown of Namibia’s tourism industry has struck us hard as well, and it’s just not possible for us to do so, at this point… and so we humbly ask for your help to raise the necessary funds in order to purchase these animals outright, allowing them to remain on Okonjima, safe and free within this private nature reserve, under the watchful eyes of their Guardians. If we are unable to raise the necessary amount, they will certainly be hunted!

What Is the Solution?
You can save their lives by donating to our campaign…

Okonjima has been given a window of opportunity to buy the freedom of these Rhino for a flat fee, and therefore become their permanent home, ensuring that they will continue to enjoy the freedom they have grown accustomed to. But, we need your help to raise the necessary funds.

Our Rhino benefit from vast, natural habitats in which to roam, while under the watchful protection of our Rhino Guardians, at the same time offering our guests the opportunity to view them and to learn more about their behaviour. Our aim is for them to remain here on Okonjima, where they can live without fear of being shot. With your help, we can save these lives, and if we surpass our goal, more wildlife may be supported and protected.

You can save their lives
by donating to our campaign!

For more information and other ways to donate and AfriCat’s donation packages please visit:

AfriCat UK Membership

stack of AfriCat UK magazines

We have decided to introduce a monthly subscription to allow us to communicate with our AfriCat supporters. Our high quality magazine is the first step in this journey, something that has not happened before.

The magazine will be sent out 4 times a year and we hope to build on this.

Getting a regular monthly donation on a subscription basis will allow us to actually know what money we are working with and will allow us to put a budget together, knowing what is coming in each month / year !

To sign up visit the AfriCat UK Membership page.

Since 2014, AfriCat UK (UK Charity Commission Number 1120026) has supported The AfriCat Foundation and The Namibian Lion Trust (Formerly AfriCat North). AfriCat UK raises funds for the various programs that have been developed by the Namibian charities to assist in research of key species, research of solutions to Human Wildlife Conflict, and the education of local communities in Namibia.

We have successfully funded research that has assisted in the better understanding of the Cheetah, Pangolin, Leopard, Lion, and Hyenas. AfriCat UK have funded the building of a school for local communities to improve the link in conservation and education for future generations. Many world renowned veterinary clinicians have based their research and resultant doctorates on the animals and facilities that can be found at the two charities in Namibia that we continue to fund. The importance of this research allows for wide-spread conservation initiatives that impact species globally.

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