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World Lion Day
August 10th 2022

Lions (Panthera leo) are synonymous with the wild across Africa and parts of Asia. Yet few people realize that lions have undergone a catastrophic range reduction and that only about 20,000 lions remain in the wild.

World Lion Day is celebrated every year on 10 August. The day is observed around the world to raise awareness about lions and the urgent need to work towards its conservation.

Since 1997, the Namibian Lion Trust’s (formerly AfriCat North) primary activity is to mitigate Human-Wildlife Conflict, reducing livestock predation thereby minimising the need for retaliatory killing of large carnivores, especially lion. Conflict between farmer and predators is rife along the borders of the Etosha National Park.

 The Namibian Lion Trust Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation programmes apply practical, researched solutions to enable communities, livestock and lions (as well as other predators) to coexist. These solutions include ongoing Research, fitting GPS-Satellite collars on select lion to monitor movement patterns and establish home ranges, Education & Awareness, predator-proof ‘boma’ building, encouraging arid-adaptive rangeland management and the employment of local Lion Guards. Data gathered from the collars provides real-time location of individuals or groups of lion in relation to settlements, livestock herds or the ‘bomas’; the Early-Warning Systems alert the Lion Guards and farmers via text messages, enabling prevention rather than retaliation.

The Lion Guards form the Rapid Response teams that help reduce livestock predation and subsequent conflict. The cost of living with predators, elephant and others is high, yet the Conservancy model attracts eco-Tourism which holds the key to the protection of free-ranging wildlife in a natural habitat.



AfriCat UK Membership

stack of AfriCat UK magazines

We have decided to introduce a monthly subscription to allow us to communicate with our AfriCat supporters. Our high quality magazine is the first step in this journey, something that has not happened before.

The magazine will be sent out 4 times a year and we hope to build on this.

Getting a regular monthly donation on a subscription basis will allow us to actually know what money we are working with and will allow us to put a budget together, knowing what is coming in each month / year !

To sign up visit the AfriCat UK Membership page.

Since 2014, AfriCat UK (UK Charity Commission Number 1120026) has supported The AfriCat Foundation and The Namibian Lion Trust (Formerly AfriCat North). AfriCat UK raises funds for the various programs that have been developed by the Namibian charities to assist in research of key species, research of solutions to Human Wildlife Conflict, and the education of local communities in Namibia.

We have successfully funded research that has assisted in the better understanding of the Cheetah, Pangolin, Leopard, Lion, and Hyenas. AfriCat UK have funded the building of a school for local communities to improve the link in conservation and education for future generations. Many world renowned veterinary clinicians have based their research and resultant doctorates on the animals and facilities that can be found at the two charities in Namibia that we continue to fund. The importance of this research allows for wide-spread conservation initiatives that impact species globally.

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