"Ultimately conservation is about people. If you don’t have sustainable development around wildlife 
parks – then the people will have no interest in them and the parks will not survive." 


AfriCat UK is a registered charity whose vision statement is "Conservation, Environmental Education, Research and Community Enhancement". We predominantly support and raise awareness of the AfriCat Foundation (a registered Namibian not for profit organisation).

AfriCat Foundation HQ is based at Okonjima, a private, 200km² nature reserve, 50 kilometers south of Otjiwarongo in central Namibia, and the AfriCat North base borders, western Etosha National Park. The AfriCat Foundation was founded in the early 90's and formally registered as a non-profit organisation in August 1993.

AfriCat has since grown significantly and what started out primarily as a welfare organisation has over the years identified the need to include a focus on child and adult education and research as being essential to accomplishing our mission - the long-term conservation of Namibia's large carnivores and the enhancement of the surrounding communities.

AfriCat UK News

Are you concerned for the future of Carnivores?
Have you got a desire to do something to help conservation ?

If so, read more.
 female leopard in Africa

AfriCat UK is looking for volunteers interested in and keen to support the conservation and education effort taking place in Namibia. Giving the lions, leopards, cheetahs, brown hyenas together with other endangered species such as the pangolin a sustainable future alongside mankind is the goal.

The idea is to recruit several interested people over the coming three or four months. So please get in touch if you think you might be interested. The plan is to provide support to new members of the ‘committee’ before Carey steps down as Operational Director in June 2020. There are a range of different job tasks (all UK based) requiring different skills, from writing the monthly newsletter, to keeping tabs on income (bookkeeping), fundraising, developing the online shop and becoming a Trustee. Further details will be provided. While having visited the project would be useful, it’s not a requirement – a genuine commitment to helping is!

If you have energy, passion, ideas and want to help AfriCat UK support the conservation effort in Namibia then please email explaining your interest or call Janet on 0118 935 1681 to discuss it further.

Jenny’s legacy: Why we chose to support AfriCat and why we are so glad we did.

The AfriCat Foundation has a wonderful new classroom at its Environment Education Centre at Okonjima all thanks to the generosity of the family and friends of Jenny Horan. Very sadly Jenny died while on her gap year working on a conservation project from a known heart condition. Her family Frank, Sally, Sean and Angus wanted to ensure a lasting legacy in her memory that supported her own goals in life. Jenny wanted to make a difference to the world, support conservation and help those facing challenges as she herself had learnt to live with her own health challenge. An education project supporting conservation in Africa seemed highly appropriate. A conversation with a friend lead to discussions with AfriCat. The classroom will be used by groups of students from Namibia and worldwide coming together to learn about living sustainably, eco systems, endangered species and ways of ensuring our world continues to thrive for the benefit of all.
Read more and be inspired by a young women’s life >>

 students at the AfriCat Education Center Namibia

AfriCat UK at the Big Cat Sanctuary, Kent. July 2019.

 AfriCat UK attended the 5 days of challenging weather (very hot and very wet) at the Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent at the end of July.

Our attendance was suggested by Maddie whom we talked to at the Bradt Big Cat Festival and after a visit and discussion AfriCat UK decided to give it a try.   

It was great to meet so many people all keen and interested in how to help the cats survive in the wild. AfriCat UK had goods to sell, a quiz and a puzzle that both frustrated and intrigued those visiting the stand.

 AfriCat UK's Carey Widdows at the big Cat Sanctuary event in Kent in the UK

It was great to be able to catch up with Giles Clark and hear about his plans to visit Namibia and AfriCat next year.

One thing that delighted us was the level of knowledge of the younger generation, many excelled in the quiz getting all the answers correct. Prizes were on offer.

AfriCat UK has been invited back next year, with tickets selling fast. Those of you interested in coming need to book early. Thanks for Jackie and Claire who helped out with the stand and coped with the high temperature and the very wet day too!

 AfriCat UK stand at the big Cat sanctuary 2019

AfriCat UK at Blair Drummond Safari Park July 2019

AfriCat UK had a great welcome back from the Education Team and the keepers at Blair Drummond Safari Park. For the 2nd year running the staff at Blair Drummond are raising funds for the AfriCat North Lion Project through their Link to the Wild.

 AfriCat Uk at Blair Drummond Safari Park

Blair Drummond keepers and staff select projects that help the wild counterparts of the ‘at risk in the wild’ species within the Safari Park. 
Last year they raised £1500 for a lion collar and hope to raise a similar amount this year.

If you are in the area, then it’s a great place to visit and spend the day.

For more photos and if you would like to read more about the benefits of collaring lions and what is involved click here.

Leap for Lions June 22nd 

What you can do for AfriCat!

AfriCat would love to hear from you if you are considering an event for charity.

Jack and Janet conquered their fears and ‘Leapt for Lions’ jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet, free falling for 30sec and then a gentle glide down while having a go at steering the chute with stunning views of Salisbury plains.

For those looking for evidence the pictures tell the story and do not forget you can still sponsor.

 AfriCat Uk leap for lions to raise money

AfriCat North’s work with Communal Conservancies is an opportunity to transform livelihoods.

READ MORE ABOUT THE WORK OF AFRICAT NORTH: The role of the AfriCat Lion Guards keepers of the wild is central and key to AfriCat overall success.  The goal is to increase the number of lion guards and donations really help AfriCat and the community work together for the benefit of all.

More information can be found at AfriCat: Lion Guards


Director of the AfriCat Foundation, Tammy runs the AfriCat North projects based along the South Western Boundary of Etosha National Park, Namibia. With a deep passion for wildlife since childhood, it is her wish to spread this love and dedication for our natural world far and wide. This is the story of a woman trying to ensure our Namibian carnivores, especially the Lion, have a future!